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A Beginner's Guide to Airsoft Guns

Posted by [email protected] on September 19, 2014 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

The beginner airsofter will need BBs, goggles, and a gun. These are required items to shoot an airsoft gun. This handy guide is useful to anyone looking to get in to airsoft guns for themselves or their children.


The best gun to start off with is the...


Millennium PT 111


The Millennium PT 111 is a beginner's gun that is designed with power in mind. It is fairly accurate, and has good power, too. It holds a rather large capacity of 20 BBs. It is about the same price as a Nerf gun at $13.00, which makes it a very inexpensive starter gun.


The Millennium PT 111 is a spring-loaded airsoft gun.


The best BBs to start off with are...


0.12 Ultrasonic BBs


.12 ultrasonic BBs are ideal for your Millennium PT 111, drawing out the full potential of your airsoft gun. For slightly less sting in an airsoft war, use 0.20 BBs. An ideal beginner's pack of 1,000 rounds doubles as a quick-reload package and is $3.00.


For safety reasons, it is important to remember, never shoot anyone regardless of which BBs you have in your gun.


The best goggles to start off with are...


Premium Protection Goggles


These minamalistic airsoft goggles give a great level of protection with a minimal design. Standard protection goggles can be bought for a bit less, but they are less comfortable. These goggles cost $13.00.


The total cost of three products listed here is $29.00, which makes it ideal for beginners.